söndag 18 oktober 2009

Small stuff

Finally, I have a confession to make......

My mom usually said that whenever I called home while living on campus, that's the time when I'm having a shitty experience. She had to listen to all my fml crap and took it all. Since I got to Cornell, she said: the way you update your blog is just like the way you make phone calls home. The reason I haven't updated my blog for the past month, is mostly because I nearly got screwed over by my school assignments.

Forget all the homeworks. I'm telling you: I went to Niagara Falls 4 weeks ago (or 5?). I spent the days of my fall break in NYC. Me and my friends visited about 20 famous tourist attractions during 3 days. I would say that was damn time-efficient. We went to: UN, Grand Central, Times Square, Rockefeller Center (ever heard about the ice rink?), Top of the Rock, Park Ave, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Central Park, Columbia Univ, Broadway (and watched a musical), M&M's World, Ripley's believe it or not, New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Wall Street, the Bronze Bull, Battery Park, South street sea port, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, Ground Zero(site of former WTC) and... ah, that's all I guess. If you want to see my photos then please log onto facebook. Eventually I'll post the public link somewhere for those of you who don't have a facebook account.

My new directions of this blog is to turn it into a knowledge sharing center. If possible I'll just write down everything I learned about life and world at Cornell.

If you are a tourist coming to NYC, living in Upper Manhattan is not recommended. For saving money you can check out the International hostel at Williamsburg in Brooklyn, or some hostel at Upper West Side on Manhattan. Columbia University sets the border between the safer neighborhood and the notorious Harlem. Before Rudy Giuliani's time, about 4800 robberies were reported in 1990. Now the place is only mostly unsafe for a solitary wanderer late at night.

Raccoon roundworms are deadly. They are so evil that they kill their host by damaging the CNS, so the body can be scavenged by raccoons. During one mapping attempt where the abundance of the parasites was to be determined, every captured raccoon had roundworms in them, so the mapping turned out to be a failure. The even-worse news is: this survey was conducted in US.

James Earl Jones was the voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa; David Prowse, the guy in Vader costume was given a false line when shooting Episode V. The only people who knew the famous "Luke, I am your father" line before the premier was George, James, Mark and Irvin Keshner.

CTB stands for Collegetown Bagels, not Collegetown Beagles. Bagel is a donut-shaped bread while beagle is a dog breed. Bagle is a computer worm.

New South Wales is the state where you find Sydney. Melbourne is in Victoria.

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  1. Studying abroad is no easy task Lei, but you seem to be doing a good job =) It might be a little stressfull, but in the end it compensates =)

    Keep posting when possible

  2. 你妈妈挺可爱的 ^_^