fredag 10 december 2010

An email to one of Uppsala University's professors

Hi professor,

I understand your concern. I have heard that my email was seen with skepticism from Prof. Stefan Pålsson of the IT department. Somebody thought that my request was a fraud and as a result, dug up my twitter account. Some faculty even urged people to "search further", which could totally compromise my anonimity on the internet. I know the thing about not registering the student's nationalities after asking all the Uppsala and SLU faculties and international master programs for similar information. After living in Sweden for 10 years since my childhood, I am aware of the Swedish way of handling things. However, my duty as the president of Chinese Student and Scholar Association in Uppsala sometimes forces you to walk the line. The reason I asked for the name list is because the system won't register the nationality. So I figured if I could read the name list, I can pick out the number of Chinese students with ease. My true intention is not attempting to breach confidential information, but simply reducing the amount of work for the university staff. And on the legal matter, one of the many coordinators I asked took advice from the university's own lawyer, and he came back to me with the numbers I needed. SLU even sent me a 38-page document with the names of all the students admitted into their international master programs for the past 3 years. I never expected my emails could stir up so much trouble. However, I can assure you that I will contact the university staff in orderly manner and clear the misunderstandings. Thanks for your concern and we might run into each other another time! Until then, I hope you will do well.

Thank you again for everything!

Best wishes,
Leo Kinmann

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