söndag 24 april 2011

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road!

The title is just a line I found from the back of my head. Don't get too serious about it. It's also the title of a song by Elton John, one of my favorites.

It suddenly occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog for ages. Recently a lot of things came to my mind. If you bother to read my blog, then you deserve to know what have happened to the blogger for the past few months. I hereby sincerely inform you.

I decided to stay in Sweden for a few more years. Not because of career choice, but relationship. I met a girl in November last year, after coming back from iGEM 2010. Initially, me and one of my friends are supposed to start some sort of A Capella choir, and that's how I met our soprano singer. However, to make the long story short, we formed bonds of love over exchanging our hearts' voices.

I still remember that night in late November. It was merely two weeks after knowing her name. I somehow sensed how she was interested in me. We could chat online for hours every day. The most notable sign she gave me, was even when the conversation had gone cold, she'd come back to me after the long silence, to tell me that she's going to bed and say good night. Maybe it's not that much of a big deal to you, but if you were in my shoes, you'd know how it felt. Between me and her, we had this running joke that she should punch me whenever we meet. That night, it was already past midnight. Suddenly she came online and told me she forgot to punch me. I joked about going over to her place right away to get punched. After exchanging a few more sentences, the joke became more and more serious. That's when I decided to run over to her place.

With my fastest pace I threw on me my jacket, and jumped into my giant winter shoes. I ran the whole 500 meter or so, with my heart thumping like pistons in a truck. I knew if I started running, I just had to at least kiss her that night. Or I would go home defeated, not feeling as a man as I was expected to be. Fortunately, I did it. I remember how electrifying it was when our lips first touched. Until this day, I remain thankful to whatever higher power in the universe, of not only granting me a woman I love, but also a woman who loves me back in return.

During my wildest moments in the states, with my thoughts crammed with pick-up techniques and carnal urges, I never thought this would happen this way. In the end, I have to say that the highest level of picking-up women is not about pick-up, but to love and respect women from your heart. Only then you will built a genuine connection with your would-be right one, only then, you can find your true soul mate without going through that much trial-and-error. Considering all the missed opportunities, times I tried but messed up, I'd say I have deserved it coming.

So, what do I mean by "Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road"? The Yellow Brick Road is an image taken from the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz". The road is to be followed, if you are looking for the magical Wizard of Oz. It leads to an Emerald City, often seen as a metaphor for "the road that leads to life's answers". Our heroes in the movie followed the road, only to find that they had what they were looking for all along. So tell me, do you see a connection there?

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  1. Such a lovely and heart-warming piece of blogpost ^_^
    Wish you two all the happiness in the world!

  2. Written in English, inviting a different audience, much appreciated. Liked the telling of your new transformation, new experiences are great, much like my own some time ago.

    For me, there is a certain melancholy in this "no pain no gain" story for a reader on the other side of the Atlantic. (Gf or career?) For me "no pain no gain" didn't apply. My challenge was how to unite gf and grad school? (Never which to pick?)

    Your challenge: how to unite gf and America? The answer is on the yellow brick road, because there is a new companion on the path. As the tale tells, the reward is the journey. The journey will improve both, give new goals and dreams for both.

    Unite the beauty and Californication. Unite the new best friend and the American Entrepreneur Spirit (not only in business). After all, you won the beauty because of your persistence, creativity, and bravery.

    Fortune favors the brave. Luck favors the prepared. Find me on facebook.

  3. Lovely reading Lei! So beautiful!

  4. :) I couldn't agree more Lei :) I'm happy to kow things are going well with you and your girl :)

  5. This is so sweet :) These days I feel more and more strongly how hard it is to meet a "soul mate". So congratulations and wish you all the best! :)