fredag 28 augusti 2009

Just a list, a.k.a. 流水账

This is just a running list I make to recount every event that took place since I came to USA. Due to the boredom of the content, viewer discretion is advised.


Flew from Arlanda after staying overnight at Hotel Uppsala. Took a walk in downtown Manhattan, been to Times Square, China Town and Central Park.

Took a shortline bus from NYC to Ithaca. PREPARE registration with 95% Asians among all the volunteers. Von Cramm Hall, Dinner at Appel Commons and later Casino Night (just playing poker with fake money and a lottery).

PREPARE events: Dean's welcome, mentor groups, a trip to Ithaca Mall and Sports Night with bowling.

Session with Christine Potter, Collegetown lunch, Police Session (always lock the door, close the window, don't go to Frat parties) and Talent Show!

Breakfast at Trillium, Health care session, picnic and hanging out at Bagels in Collegetown.

Utterly unnecessary New student registration, Gannett Health Center for immunization requirements, booking TB-test. Ithaca Mall with Omar and Jonas. Hanging out with these guys for the rest of the day.

Dump-and-Run sale, got a pair of old (decent quality) Lacoste shoes for 4 bucks, the best deal ever! Worthless trip in Ithaca downtown and BBQ night back in Von Cramm Hall.

Hanging out with Michael, Kasper and Maria in Von Cramm at night, missed the best show ever (Slammin' & Soarin'). Don't remember what happened during the day.

Fixed HSBC bank account, Big Red Blowout at night. Played cards with a gang of Chinese students and came back home at 2:30am.

Walk to Ithaca Farmers' Market at DeWitt Park. Went to DMV to fix local ID-card, failed and hanged out with some Chinese. The first house party in USA and first time playing beer-pong.

Cornell store, bowling, meeting up with Siyu and Yingchao.

First day of class.


That's all for the past, time to shift the focus onto the presence and the future.

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  1. looking good lei! remember to do a lot of nothing this year ;) chillin is a hobby too and I'm the master of the secret art

  2. Yeah I totally know what you mean! Although after a few days of classes, the whole gang of expats here kinda realized that Cornell is not the best "party place". But I'll try to have as much fun as possible. During the breaks I wanna visit the southern states, especially Nashville, the home of country music.